Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Style ♥ Fall Inspo

Pic from Atlantic-Pacific 
 Thought I might inspire you with some of cute looks from my favorite bloggers. One my favorite has to be the plaid blazer. So in love, you know, I went to Zara to get one but they were out of the style I wanted.

Anyways, doesn’t something feel different in the air? I´m dying to pull out all the Christmas stuff! But guess I’ll be waiting till November. 

When do you put your Christmas tree up?
Pic from Atlantic-Pacific 

Pic from Atlantic-Pacific 

Pic from Atlantic-Pacific 

Pic from Brooklyn Blonde

Pic from For All Things Lovely

Pic from For All Things Lovely

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How We Can Do Fall In The Tropics

Fall in the Tropics

Fall in the Tropics by estiloandcafe featuring a pleated skirt

It´s officially fall! I wanna go apple picking, grab some PSL, and start wearing sweaters and warmer clothes. Yeaaa right! I wish! We will definitely NOT be wearing warmer clothes for a few more months, and with global warming who knows.

But here are some ways you can do fall without wearing layers and boots. My favorite has to be animal print and incorporating black for day. I honestly don´t know how people can wear so much black in our summers. I mean this in casual situations, outside of work and night attire. I feel so hot just looking by at them.

How do you do fall?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Look Of The Day ♥ Pasha Sandals And Floral Cami

I have not been feeling inspired for the longest time. I think the blogging thing became too intense and I did feel discouraged by other incidents. I was ready to close this chapter and the blog. Until inspiration found me.

Then I was contacted by Janina from Pasha Jewlery For Your Feet for a collaboration and of course, I accepted. I received the package a few weeks later and I instantly imagined all the outfits I could pair with these beauties. Photographs don´t do them justice. They come in a lovely gold box that is collapsible and perfect for traveling and keeping them safe.

I did wish I had them for our Miami trip, they would have been perfection. This got me thinking; NO, you can wear these sandals in your everyday life not just for resort wear. So, I decided to show you a momfit (mom outfit-new word) first. And later on we will see a more glam look.

Hope you enjoy it!

Sandals-Pasha Jewlery For Your Feet
Floral Cami-H&M
Kimono-Forever 21
Bag-Kate Spade

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Four ♥

Favorite Red Lipstick./ Mi Labial Rojo Favorito

This has been an exciting week, it started off with Credomatic Estilo Moda, which was a lot fun but I will talk more about that next week.  And it has ended with me discovering season 5 of Scandal. I have been binging all week while my son does nap time. Can´t get enough! When does the new season of Velvet come to Netflix?

So now that i´m full time mom, I have no excuse to drink more water, infused water has been my solution. I lalso gave up sodas, and the afternoon sweets. It´s pretty easy when you have a week down. Try it!

Anyway here are the Friday four:

Esta semana ha sido emocionante, empezó con Credomatic Estilo Moda,  el cual fue un evento muy divertido y les hablaré más de eso la otra semana. Y ha terminado con una maratón de Scandal en Netflix, así es acabo de descubrir que ya está la 5ta temporada. Por cierto alguien sabe cuándo empieza la nueva temporada de Velvet en Netflix?

Ahora que soy mamá a tiempo completo, no tengo excusa para tomar más agua, ya que paso más tiempo en la casa, seguro será fácil. He dejado todas las gaseosas y también los postres de la tarde. Todo se vuelve es fácil después de una semana.

Pic: Revista Eva

Gettting the fall stuff  out./Sacando cosas nuevas para la nueva temporada

infused water: super easy !leave lemon, cucumber, and strawberries slices, and Mint leavest overnight on a pictcher of water. Take it all out the next day and enjoy./ Agua saborizada, súper fácil de hacer. Solo deja un pichel de agua toda la noche con rodajas de limón, pepino y fresas, tambien agrega jojas de menta. Al dia siguiente saca todo y disfruta.