Friday, October 7, 2011


For our anniversary weekend we went to the beach, the weather wasn't what we expected, it was super cloudy! So we decided to visit Lancetilla, while the sun came out.

Lancetilla is the second largest botanical garden in world! It was founded  by the United Fruit Company in 1962 as an experimental site, it also serves as a seed bank for other countries, and is located in Tela, Honduras.

The tour guide, Don Chilo, told us an interesting fact:
It is called Lancetilla because one of the palms that grows here has small thorns so natives called it "Lancetilla" which means pequenas lanzas or tiny spears.

This is a close up of the "tiny spears".

Don Chilo, our tour guide.
The bamboo tunnel, it was  breathtaking!

The Mangosteen, super tasty!

Lancetilla was so beautiful that I decided it had to be my first post, hope you enjoyed it!

If you are interested in reading more about Lancetilla you can go here.


  1. Omggg I want to there it looks sooo prettyyyy. Luvs it!!!

  2. very nice!!!!!!! looks like paradise