Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Think Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

The best way to prevent breast cancer is to discover it early, so if you are over 40 you should get a mammogram every year. How do you know if you are at risk? FUNHOCAM (Fundación Hondureña contra el cáncer de mama), says that you are at risk if you have a history of breast cancer in your family, if you smoke, you suffer from stress and you are also at risk if you abuse alcohol; if you drink 1 to 2 glasses everyday you increase your risk by 32% and if you drink 3 or more you increase it by 51%.

FUNHOCAM also says that numbers show that there is an increase in the diagnosis in women under 40. Case in point? The recent diagnosis of E! Host Giuliana Rancic who was only 36 when she first heard the news. Other celebrities who battled breast cancer at 36: Kylie Minogue and Christina Applegate.
It's important to know your body and contact your family doctor for any doubts.

So, how can you support the cause? You can shop!
Many designers and companies have products out there that donate a part of the profit to cancer research, awareness and to help patients who can't afford treatment or mammograms.

Take your pick:

Breast Cancer Crusade Novelty Umbrella from Avon

Carolina Herrera Perfume and Bag
You can find the perfume in local stores, the bag is sold at CH stores.

Time Inc. Digital Studio

Clinique Lip Gloss Key Ring sold at Bloomingdales.

Time Inc. Digital Studio
Cuisinart Hand Mixer

Some other cool finds: the Carrion T-shirt and the Motagua Pink Shirt.

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