Monday, January 2, 2012

Fashion Resolutions for 2012 : Jeans!

Before going out to the stores to take advantage of the sales (yay!) there are some things I really need to do. The first, is clean out my closet, edit and reorganize. This helps me figure out what I need and want to buy, basics and more trendy items. Hopefully I´ll get to do that after returning to the gym today (it´s been to long!). The second is to buy a couple of Jeans! See, I did not buy one pair of jeans in 2011, I was more into skirts and pants. So I´m in desperate need of this wardrobe basic, I am lusting one pair of flared or bell bottoms and another pair of skinny jeans, of course both in dark wash!

These are my favorite:

These are perfect!

All jeans can be found at Zara Honduras.

What are your fashion resolutions for 2012?

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