Monday, February 11, 2013

Fashion ♥ Emerald Pantone Color Of The Year

Last year Pantone declared “tango” (red orange hue) the color of the year, I think it didn’t really catch on in the fashion world. To me, the most popular color last year was sea foam green. But this year I’m excited about Emerald! I have been collecting clothes in this hue for years, and I’m thrilled because I have already seen this color in stores, so this is a great excuse for me to go shopping.

Emerald isn’t pure green, it’s green with a hint of blue. Yes! I’m obsessed with the difference! Emerald is more of a jewel tone. Pair it with white, gray and blue for a balanced look or mix it with rich purples, blues, reds, black and golds to bring out that lush hue.

So, will you be wearing this color?

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  1. My post of today is about this color =). XOXO♥