Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Health ♥ Doggie Food

Adorable, no?

Since I can remember, I have always had a dog. They are the best company and one of the best examples of unconditional love. I own a miniature Schnauzer and I love him dearly, truth is, dogs become part of your family and it is very important that you take care of them properly. I have seen people feed their dogs just about anything even coffee, but not knowing how to keep your doggie healthy can be fatal.

Here are some do´s and don’t´s:

     DON´T feed them:

     Alcohol, chocolate (very harmful) sugar, grapes, coffee, onions, garlic, nuts and  chicken bones—they can hurt your dog’s throat and/or choke them, because they splinter when they break. Also anything that can contain yeast can be very bad for your furry friend.

     DO feed them:
     Fruits and vegetables. Any kind of fruit that doesn’t have a pit, as they contain cyanide (like grapes).

Dog food concentrate has basically everything your dog needs, the dry food is the best in my opinion, it keeps their teeth and gums clean, but it all depends on your bank account. Once or twice a week I mix an egg in to my dog’s food, it helps him keep his skin and fur healthy.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 

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