Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dining ♥ Tai Tai - Tegucigalpa

Last weekend the Hubby and I went for a late lunch and decided to try something new: Thai food. So we headed to Tai Tai, a new restaurant in Novacentro. It´s a cozy place decorated with Buddhas and other Asian elements, and whether you believe this or not, I instantly felt relaxed the minute we walked in. They had very soft music on, and everyone was using their “library voice” the only noise you could probably hear was me snapping pictures of the food. I don´t think this is a coincidence, in Thai culture relaxation is taken very seriously. They believe that time is not something that should be chased, because humans can´t stop or forward time so why stress over it?

Anyway, let’s get to the food, we ordered Poh Pia (Spring Rolls) as an appetizer, and while we were waiting for that they sent us Tom Kha Gai soup (on the house :D ) . It´s a refreshing soup made with coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal and chicken. As for the main dish the Hubby ordered Mee Krob Noodles and I ordered The Tai Tai Pita for myself. Needless to say, we were both delighted with our choices; a perfect mix of sweet, sour, hot and salty!

Tom Kha Gai soup

Spring Rolls

Mee Krob Noodles 

Tai Tai Pita, filled with meat bathed in peanut sauce. YUM!


  1. Yummm looks delicious!

  2. not a bad place, but it can better. Soon in Tegucigalpa, Aroy Thai Cuisine ;-) ...authentic Thai cuisine.