Friday, July 5, 2013

Health ♥ Is your purse weighing you down?

Crossbody bags are the best, they balance out your weight. This one is from Zara and on sale!

Women’s purses are whole other universe no? We carry our entire world in there, and they say more about us than you think. Now, I would be lying if I said that my purse is always neat and organized I think no women’s purse is ever clean and If you think yours is, well I would love to meet you so you can tell me your secret!

Most women carry too much stuff inside their bags; like books, ipads, all their make-up, cell phones, wallets, old receipts and much much more. I used to get very bad shoulder pains at night until I discovered my bag was to blame.Did you know that your bag should weight only 5% of your body weight, 10% max? Meaning, if you weight 110 lbs. your purse shouldn’t be heavier than 5.5 lbs.

My tips? Clean your bag every other week. Take out all the change, old papers and receipts or any other trash. Also edit your purse essentials. For instance, your make up bag. You probably don’t have to carry all of your make up, pick the things you only use on daily basis. Chances are, you won´t need more than that. Pack things that are multifunctional like lip tint that doubles as a blush. 

If you want to check, you can step on a scale without your bag, then weigh yourself again with your purse and find the difference, that will be the weight of the bag. Cross body bags are the best and my current favorites. You see, they balance the weight and keep it from interfering with the natural swing of your arms, remember to adjust the strap of the purse so it rests on the curviest part of your hip.

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