Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Me cayó el sereno! ♥

The last 3 days have consisted of liquids and rest whenever possible, yes! I have the flu! Reason why I have been MIA.

All my life I have heard old people say -¡Te va caer mal el sereno, abrígate!- and it gets worse with kids, -Tapá al niño, que no le vaya caer el sereno!- I remember a couple of months ago when I told the Hubby to close the window: -Cerra la ventana, que nos va caer el sereno- of course I said it in a sarcastic tone. And of course, we both burst out laughing and made fun of the whole thing!

What is "el sereno" anyway? I drew my own conclusions: It´s an atmospheric phenomenon that represents danger to anyone exposed to it, especially kids. It presents itself at night in form of a light breeze containing bacteria and virus waiting for its next victim.

I haven´t been around people who seem sick and I must confess that on Saturday night the Hubby and I did go out, and I did feel a chilly breeze! But is "el sereno" to blame? I will never know!

Have you had any close encounters with "el sereno"? LOL! Tell me, I would love to hear your stories!

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