Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fashion Inspiration ♥ Casual Chic

Image via Stockholm Streetstyle
Real women lead busy lives. And the truth is, we can’t always be in full make up and heels and be total glamazons. For instance, I love heels but they are not right for me on a daily basis. From Monday to Friday I go to work until about noon and after lunch, I switch to Housewife mode. This means running a million errands, and then cooking two meals at once for the Hubby (that night’s dinner and next day’s lunch). I can’t imagine doing that in fancy clothes and heels, so my everyday uniform has to be very comfortable. I’m taking a cue from these ladies and i’ll try to go for a more “casual chic” look, because all of us want to be comfy but chic. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

All Images via Stockholm Streetstyle

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