Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Housewife Style ♥ Formal Dinnerware

I remember there used to be a time here in Honduras when brides/newlyweds always bought or were gifted fine china, it was a must!  There was also a time when fine china was sold here, brands like Lennox, Limoge, Asberg, Bavaria, and other French and German brands. These where easily found at Joyeria Cantero, Joyeria Handal’s and El Maxim. Today, if you want get this type of dinnerware you have to order it online or bring it from the U.S.

My Grandmother is one of those women who own several collections of fine china but she has one that is her formal dinnerware and uses it only for "special occasions". Now, when we talk about formal dinnerware I mean it should include at least a 5 piece setting (dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer), the best usually come with bread plates, dessert plates and matching serveware. This is exactly what she has, and when you buy one that comes with all of those you won’t need more because they can be used for any formal meal. Yes, even breakfast!

After a lot of research I have some tips for you if you are looking to buy formal dinnerware:
  1. Make sure it has at least a 5 piece setting, 7 is perfect.
  2. It must serve 8 or 12.
  3. Comes with matching serveware like teapotserving platter, serving bowl, sugar bowl and creamer.
  4. Choose a pattern that is simple in design, white or ivory are the most elegant.
  5. Silver or gold border makes it even more luxe.
This is only part of her collection, she has several serving platters and different cup sizes to be used in different meals. It serves 12.

Stayed tuned because on friday I will show you how I set up a table with this dinnerware.

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