Saturday, August 10, 2013

Housewife Style ♥ Setting The Table For Formal Occasions

I know this post comes a day late, but as I was about to publish it, the power went out so therefore the delay, sorry!

Last time we met, we talked about buying fine china, and as promised here are the pictures of how I used the dinnerware to set up the table for a more formal occasion.
I set up a table for breakfast/ brunch and another for lunch/dinner. The purpose is that you see that once you buy a great set of formal dinnerware you won’t need more than that for your events. The difference between the two tables is basically the way there were set up, I practically used the same elements except for the flatware and flower vase.

Setting the table is an art, and there are rules and etiquette to be followed, but if you know these rules well, you can break them. One of the most important things to think about when doing it, is to keep in mind the menu to be served, that dictates what goes on the table.

Hope you like it and get inspiration or ideas for your next formal occasion. Next time I will try to set up a more casual and fun table, so stay tuned.

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