Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beauty ♥ Fall Essentials

1. Time to reach for darker shades, you can mix things up for night and day with Guerlain´s Écrin 6 Couleurs eye shadow collection.
2.If you are more into playing up your lips, reach for this lipgloss, isn´t the color amazing?
3.Compliment the cooler weather with this perfume also from Guerlain, it contains notes of black cherry, black rose, patchouli and black tea.
4.I love this shade of dark purple for my nails. This is OPI's "Vant to bite my neck?", I think we are all craving darker colors, no?
5.Since Fall and Winter call for more drama, why not start with your lashes? This mascara will enhance your eyes in a minute...can you tell I have a little obsession with Guerlain?
6. And for chapped lips, this balm from vonne, will help heal you lips fast.

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