Monday, September 23, 2013

Estilo and Cafe on The New Domesticity ♥

Betty Draper from Mad Men/ AMC

I was raised by my Grandmother, an incredible woman who at one point managed 6 kids, ran an impeccable house, helped out in the family business, she opened up her own store, and threw amazing parties for her Husband’s friends and business partners.  But one thing has always been very clear: she always understood the value of taking care of her family.

When I was still single, my goal was to have a career, I always thought of myself as I working woman and a feminist. On the other hand, I always admired the way my Grandmother ran her house and her family. She is one of those women that cooks everything from scratch and although she has a housekeeper (like most households in Honduras) she always prefers to do it herself. 

After I got married I think my perspective on life changed, a lot. As a newlywed I was still studying for my MBA, and wasn’t working (2009 Honduran political crisis to blame), until my Aunt offered me a part time job which I still keep to this day. This allows me to have an income and also find time to take care of my Husband properly. Amongst other things, I personally make him breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because I want to, not because I have to. This also means that in the afternoons I have time for myself: I get to run errands, meet friends, and go to the gym. If you ask me, I get the best of worlds: working woman and housewife.

A couple of days ago, I ran into this article that talks about how our generation has found a new mania for old-fashioned domestic work. We are so saturated by technology that we crave to do something creative with our own hands or we are too concerned with healthy, and organic food that we would rather DIY.  There is also a theory that says that this kind of lifestyle provides status.

Well in my case it’s none of the above. Like my Grandmother, I simply understand the value of family. And if this means that I should cook three times a day, than I will keep doing it. Who knows what is best for you family but you? When my Husband and I decide to have a child I will probably be one of those obsessed moms who like to take care of their children and don’t let people touch them, yes that’s right, I won’t have a separate entourage for my child, because who can take better care of your children than you?

But hey, this is just my point of view, different women want different things.

The new feminism can be anything you want it to be, whether you want to be a housewife, stay at home mom or the next Sheryl Sandberg, that’s the beauty of it: CHOICE.

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