Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Style ♥ How to Wear Animal Print

Pic from Wendy´s Lookbook

Like we have discussed here before, animal print is the oldest trend in the history of fashion. It is a classic, and always will be. “Animal prints, when worn with class and elegance, can really complete a woman, making her irresistible and helping her display her beauty and sensuality.” Says Roberto Cavalli, and I agree with him 100%!If not worn right you can end up looking ridiculous. So I have compiled a list of rules for wearing this print. And they can be applied to your favorite animal print.

  1. Wear one animal print at a time. Say you decided to wear leopard (my fave), and you can´t decide if you want pull out the leopard shoes or the bag, and decide to wear both, don´t! This is an overkill. It doesn´t matter if you have seen it in a magazine or a blogger wearing it, that is fashion you want to strive for style and elegance. This also means you shouldn´t wear leopard and a zebra print together!
  2. If you feel like an animal print dress is too much, you can always start with accessories: a scarf, purse, shoes etc.
  3. Do not think you can only wear animal print with neutrals. Remember that animal print is already treated as a neutral, experiment with bold colors like green, yellow, blue etc.
  4. Don´t excessorize. Animal print is already a statement on its own, so keep your accessories subdued.
These rules are not absolute, so if you think you can pull wearing one of the don´ts with style, by all means please DO!

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