Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Breast Cancer ♥ Go Beyond Pink:From Awareness to Prevention

Remember how we talked about reading the labels on your cosmetics and beauty products to avoid cancer related toxins? Well, a couple of days ago I received an email from The Breast Cancer Fund (you can subscribe here, they have excellent info), to go “Beyond Pink”. This means to stop breast cancer before it starts, it’s a movement that seeks to prevent breast cancer by making simple lifestyle adjustments. All you have to do is take a pledge and you will get access to their toolkit with checklists to detoxify your home and shopping cart.

Here are SOME of the tips:

Use glass and stainless steel containers NOT PLASTIC. Plastic containers leach toxic chemicals, especially when heated, even if they are microwavable.

Check to see if your shampoo, body wash, soap, moisturizer and other personal care products contain the following ingredients that can be problematic (read the labels!):

- ingredients with “PEG” and “eth” in the name
- BHA and BHT
- Coal tar
- DEA and TEA
- DMDM hydantoin
- imidazolidinyl urea
- fragrance
 - hydroquinone
- nonylphenol
- parabens
- quaternium
- styrene
- synthetic musks
- toluene
- triclosan and triclocarban

Use air fresheners?   Artificial fragrances can contain chemical that can disrupt your bodies´ hormones. Instead use houseplants, they clean the air naturally!           

Buy fresh food, frozen or packaged in glass or carton NOT CANNED. The lining in most cans contain BPA, which can transfer to your food.

Download the Think Dirty app, it will tell you about toxic ingredients in your personal care products and cosmetics (Can´t get easier than that!).

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