Saturday, October 19, 2013

Housewife Style ♥ Decorating Your Coffee Table

Yesterday I visited El Armario to check out their Christmas stuff; of course I left with some goodies, but also with a styling lesson on coffee tables.  Some people either have too many elements on their coffee tables and some have none. The women at El Armario told me that they recommend having 3 elements on your table. And by looking around the displays I learned what each element can be:

  1. Candles:Two candle holders in different heights look great. Candles add ambiance to the room and make it more inviting, and if you use scented candles even better.
  2. A Tray or plate that adds interest to table, it can also hold other decorative items.
  3. A natural element, such as floral arrangement. This will add color and help bring nature inside your house.

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