Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weddings ♥ Dresses, Makeup and Photography

Photo by: Carlos Ordoñez

Every time I stumble upon “Say Yes to the dress” I definitely stop and watch it, its fun to see all the drama, specially the opinionated entourage that always accompanies the bride. It definitely reminds me about my wedding and how completely opposite my “Say Yes to the dress” moment was. I was one of those brides who knew exactly what she wanted, and what I had in my head could not be bought from a store. Nonetheless, I went to a couple of stores to try on wedding dresses, as this would give me an idea if what I wanted would look good on me. My Grandmother was the only one who came with me to these appointments and she gave her opinion but the decision was up to me, unlike on the show where the brides seeks the approval of her entourage. So I headed to Honduran Designer Ana Karina Von Eicken´s Studio and discussed what I had in my head and voila! A couple of months later I had my dream dress.

My advice to you:

Don’t take a big group of people to your wedding dress appointment, if possible take one, and let it be the person who’s opinion you value the most. The more people, the worst! Everyone has different style, and therefore different opinions, YOU and only you should like and approve the dress.

If you are going to have it made, go to a wedding dress store and try on similar dresses to what you have in mind. This way you can decide on the style that flatters and fits your body the best ¿A-line or ball gown? ¿V neckline or strapless? You get the point.

Extra tips: Invest in the best hair and make up you can afford, I had mine done by Maria Del Carmen Bustillo, she is one the best and i´m glad I picked her. All eyes will be on you and more importantly, you need to look good for the pictures! And speaking of pictures, INVEST in photography! This is very important, the only reminder you will have of that glorious day will be the pictures so make sure you get someone whose work you love as these will be the only memories of that day! My photographer was Carlos Ordoñez and I was very pleased with his service and to this day I recommend him to all our friends.

Photo by: Carlos Ordoñez

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