Thursday, December 26, 2013

Amore Lounge ♥ The Launch Party

Cylia and I

A couple of weeks ago, the Hubby, Cylia, some close friends and I attended the launch party of Amore Lounge. It was quite the night! We enjoyed a 6 course meal filled with new experiences; in fact, every dish was full of surprises. With each course we would get a cocktail carefully selected by Chefs David Nuñez and Hermann Theilheimer to compliment the dish. We were able to try different techniques used in molecular gastronomy such as spherification techniques, false caviar, foams, air, as well as use of liquid nitrogen.

I know that some of you might still be reluctant to try molecular gastronomy, but I think that it’s worth trying at least once. And when you do decide to enjoy one of these dishes you will keep going for more, because whether you are savoring a false caviar cocktail or spring rolls with maracuyá air, you will love this multi sensory experience every single time. I highly recommend you try it!

Fun Fact: At Amore Lounge each dish is made with at least one ingredient native to Honduras. 

Here are some pics to give you a taste of our fabulous night:

Amore Salad with parmesan air and squash seeds.

Amore Sangria with citrics freezed in liquid nitrogen

My favorite! Tuna and crab spring rolls with maracuyá air.

You can also enjoy normal cocktails at Amore Lounge, this Tom Collins was delicious!

Mussels with lemon air, another favorite.

Molecular Mojitos!

The Chefs explaining how they use liquid nitrogen.

Chicken gizzard (Mollejas) and pita bread, this is also a normal dish you can order at
Amore Lounge.

Gin Tonic with Blue Curacao spheres.

***Amore Lounge is located in Torre Lafise infront of Novacentro 3rd floor # 1 on the elevator. 

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