Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Christmas Tags ♥ Free Printable

How is your Christmas shopping? All I can say: is I´m glad mine is done! I was accompanying my Hubby to find his cuchumbo /secret santa present yesterday at the mall and while we took a break to eat something I think I almost got mugged! I was about to place my order to the cashier when out of nowhere two women stood next to me; one on each side. At first, I was pissed because: 1. I don´t understand why people here don´t get the idea of personal space. 2. I thought they were cutting the line. Then I started to feel a little suspicious…

Seconds after that, the Hubby comes to stand next to me and the women disappear. And the cashier tells me “I think those women wanted to mug you or something, they looked very shady!” Indeed they did, after thinking about their behavior and the situation; I think they saw me using my cellphone earlier and I guess they wanted to go for it. So the moral of this story is get your Christmas shopping done as soon as possible and be careful not to wear or use valuable things in such public places SPECIALLY at this time of the year.

Anyway, todays´ post is a DIY. These are Christmas tags that I designed because you know, we all need more tags. There are always more gifts that need to be gifted and labeled. You can use them for hostess/host gifts, baked goods, and presents.  Whatever you like!

Just download the printable  here. 

You will need:
Cut them and then use the hole puncher where needed. Use ribbon or string so you can tie it to the gift. Use or sharpie or a pen to write in the names (try not to use a ballpoint pen). If your are feeling very creative you can use glitter to enhance details and make it look even more festive. For a vintage look print them in a yellowish paper ;)

Print Away!

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