Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Housewife Style ♥ Setting The Table For Christmas - A Casual Setting

Finally, another setting the table post! I know this was long overdue but I have been super busy lately. Plus, on a recent visit to LadyLee I snagged these red charger plates and some in gold and silver too, for Lps 16.00 each (about 80 U.S. cents). So of course they inspired this post. I used some elements that you have seen before here, and transformed this table into a casual Christmas setting. So OBVIOUSLY there is no salad or bowl plates because this would be for an intimate occasion where food would be served directly on to the dinner plate, say a casual dinner with your significant other, your bffs, you get the point. Because it is supposed to be intimate, I wanted to keep the warmth of the wood on display so I just used a red table runner. This time, instead of flowers, I picked up these golden Christmas trees from Emporio, added my star shaped candle holders and used that as a centerpiece. I think it looks simple, elegant but fun. I must say that if you can, do buy charger plates they add that wow factor to any table setting.

**You could easily turn this into a formal setting by adding other elements such as bread plate, salad or soup (red ones would look lovely!) and the corresponding flatware and glassware, remember the menu dictates what will be set on the table. ;)

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