Monday, December 23, 2013

Style ♥ Winter Whites

Pic from The Pink Peonies

Because in life rules are made to be broken, white is a color you can wear all year long. No need to put those pieces away until spring. Wearing winter white is über-chic! You might think that an all-white look can be overwhelming, but if done right, it can become a go to look for your holiday parties. Here is some inspiration from my favorite blogs The Pink Peonies and Wendy´s Lookbook.

  1. Pair with neutrals for a chic look.
  2. Wear all white and add a pop of color with your accessories such as red, blue or any other bold color of your choice.
  3. Add sparky jewelry it will give it an instant wow factor.
  4. Mix different textures, a faux fur vest, silk blouse and skirt or a fuzzy sweater with white jeans.
  5. Play with different shades of white.
Pic from Wendy´s Lookbook

Pic from The Pink Peonies

Pic from Wendy´s Lookbook

Pic from The Pink Peonies

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