Thursday, January 23, 2014

dreaming of warm weather...♥

dreaming of warm weather

dreaming of warm weather by estiloandcafe featuring beach home decor

I know I have been bad about updating the blog, but I haven´t been feeling well lately, and it’s been hard to sit down and write. But since I am feeling better, I decided to write about something that makes me super happy: warm weather! I know in Honduras it´s not as cold as up north, but for my taste it´s been uncomfortably cold the last few weeks and honestly, I’m over it! I want to ditch the sweaters and scarves and bring out the dresses, sandals and shorts! And I know everyone who has been experiencing Winter is as ready as I am. So I predict that by February we will have that hot weather back in Honduras that I love.
Meanwhile, here is what you can do to get ready for the change of season:

  1. Get a pedicure: Get your feet ready for sandal season, choose bright nail polish or go bold and try radiant orchid.
  2. Change your scent: freshen up your fragrance by getting a floral or citrusy new scent.
  3. Moisturize: so you can get your body ready to show some skin, and if you want a little glow get one with self tanner.
  4. Edit your wardrobe: Get rid of all the stuff you know you won’t be using and rearrange it so you can have all your summer stuff at arm’s reach.
  5. Shop: for all the things you are missing to complete your warm weather wardrobe.

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