Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Secret is out! ♥♥♥

Yes!  We´re pregnant! And we are soooo excited! It happened so fast, we had been only trying for 1 month, I feel very lucky!

We found out on December 30th, my aunt forced me to take a pregnancy test and since a week before, I had already tested negative on one of those over the counter tests, I decided this time it should be a blood test. I was super sure it was also going to be negative, although I had been feeling queasy for a week I never thought it would be positive. It was! I was in such disbelief; you can call it state of shock, but above all happy! When the news settled in I thought of unique way to tell the news to the Hubby. So I had the result wrapped in a Chrismassy paper and headed to the Hubby´s office and told him I had late Christmas gift for him. So he unwrapped the gift which took a full 10 minutes, kidding, but if felt that way. He was like “Are you sure?, is this it?”

We celebrated and kept it a secret until Sunday when we announced it to the family. For the most part I feel well; no morning sickness, crazy cravings or fatigue. I have to eat 6 very small meals (or else I will feel sick) and they are usually healthy, except for when I crave boneless buffalo wings from Chilli´s…yummy! 

The very special gift.

My mouth waters when I think of them :p

Most of the time, my plate looks like this: Whole wheat pasta
a piece of meat, and vegetables. Whole wheat anything is very
satisfying and doesn´t make me queasy :D

So now you understand why I have not been updating the blog as much, although I feel well for the majority of the day it is in the afternoon and at night when the queasiness attacks, and that is usually when I have time for the blog. I have 8 weeks so hopefully the nausea will stop soon and I´ll be able to get back on track, so bear with me!


  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to your maternity style!

  2. Linda,

    Thank you so much for your lovely wishes! I´m also looking foward to dressing my bump and there will more looks of the day! ;)