Monday, February 3, 2014

Fashion ♥ February Shopping

Everything can be found at Zara.

So I have been feeling a lot better! After two months dealing with queasiness I think I have finally understood how often, how much and what to eat so I don´t feel sick. I used to get what I call “a hole in my stomach” which in other words is: womb service ha ha! It´s like the baby is calling for room service, like I said in the last post I have to eat six small meals a day.

Anyway, back to today’s post. I always love to look through Zara´s webpage, there is always something new. And since I feel It is starting to warm up here in Honduras, I picked some stuff to go with that sunny weather that is finally starting to show up. Nothing brightens your closet like florals. I´m in love with the shirt that has a white background, and I adore that patterned dress. If only it would fit my future bump. Another way you can start changing up things to compliment the weather is to go for bright accessories, this necklace is awesome! It has a punch of color that will pair with a lot stuff in your wardrobe and give it that wow factor.

What´s your favorite piece?

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