Friday, February 7, 2014

The Prego Diaries ♥ 10 weeks


I´m at that awkward stage where some of my favorite jeans still fit but feel way too tight around my tummy and maternity jeans are too loose. I have officially retired one pair of jeans until after the Baby is born. If only I had bellaband…
I already invested in some maternity basics: 1 pair of jeans, leggings, a maxi dress and have a little more stuff on the way. Most of my friends who are now Mommys told me they used normal tops for most of their pregnancy, so I plan on trying it until my bump is too huge for that.
I still don´t have crazy cravings, and very rarely do I crave sweets. On Sunday though, I reaaaaaaaaally wanted a cupcake with old school frosting, the one made out of egg whites. The Hubby took me to different bakery shops and not one had the frosting I wanted so I settled for one from Vie de France which was yummy enough to satisfy my craving. Although I must admit, I'm kinda looking forward to my Brother´s birthday this weekend so I can get my hands on some cake. He he.

All available here.

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