Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Prego Diaries ♥ Week 12 Baby´s 1st Things & More Maternity Clothes

So my Mother in Law is super excited about the baby (with all reason). Every time she goes out to shopping centers or stores where they sell baby stuff she absolutely must bring something back. The Hubby and I are thrilled, but try to stop her shopping sprees and tell her we should wait until we know the sex of the Baby. Anyway, last Sunday she couldn’t help herself and came back with a beautiful white baby blanket to get him/her out the hospital. How sweet is she?

Last time I wrote, I still didn’t fit into my maternity jeans. Turns out now I do! All my jeans were dirty and decided I to try them on again and they fit perfectly. They are still a tad big on the band but my mini baby bump holds them on. I love them, they are super comfy, I kind of want to wear them everyday! The ones pictured below actually came in my second order and with them I also ordered this super cute striped dress that I can’t wait to wear.

The last picture is a book we bought in our trip to Miami for the Baby, we didn’t even know we were going to get pregnant but I wanted to buy something for him/her anyways. I saw The Elf On The Shelf on pinterest and though it would be a great tradition to start in our family once we had a baby. You are supposed to give him a name and register it, I like Mr. Twinkle but the Hubby is not very fond of that name so we’ll see.

bought here

Elf On The Shelf

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