Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby Health ♥ SIDS and Baby Bumpers

Pic by Vera Kratochvil.

Lately I have been reading mommy blogs; it helps me visualize what I can expect when baby Bendini arrives, and also what I can expect with my pregnancy. Oh, and of course they are a great source for maternity fashion. So while looking through pictures of a baby´s nursery, (in a new found favorite mommy blog), I noticed that the baby´s crib had a very different bumper than the ones I remember seeing before. As I was reading through the comments one of the moms pointed out that she had the old pillow-like bumpers and on Doctor´s orders she had to take them out for risk of SIDS…WHAT?

So I started to do some research, and headed to the authority of pediatrics in the US. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and found and article that talks about this issue. It basically states that some parents use bumpers because they think that it will prevent injury from a baby´s head hitting the sides of crib, or from it’s limbs getting stuck in the slats. Well, in the first place bumpers where created to prevent the limbs of children getting stuck in between the slats, yes. But since then, the regulations for cribs have changed to prevent that from happening; meaning the spacing is now smaller. Research shows that bumpers are not safe and WILL NOT prevent injuries from a baby´s head hitting the crib. Here is an excerpt from AAP:

“Newer cribs standards that require crib slat spacing to be less than 2 3/8 inches have obviated the need for crib bumper pads. A recent report by Thach et al, who used CPSC data found that deaths attributed to bumper pads where from 3 mechanisms (1) suffocation against soft pillow-like bumper pads; (2) entrapment between the mattress or crib and firm bumper pads; and (3) strangulation from bumper pad ties.”

The study also says that other factors such as presence of pillows and blankets may have contributed to deaths, and concludes that use of bumper pads ONLY prevents minor injuries.
Basically the AAP recommends that babies sleep on their back, alone without any soft objects and/ or loose bedding, ideally in room shared with a parent, all that is necessary for baby bedding is a fitted sheet.

Here is other information that I thought was important to prevent SIDS:

  1. Always place your baby on his or her back for every sleep time.
  2. Breastfeeding is recommended and is associated with a reduced risk of SIDS.
  3. Infants should be immunized. Evidence suggests that immunization reduces the risk of SIDS by 50 percent.

If you are craving more info on how to prevent SIDS you can read more about it here.

              CNN Health

Note: Some parents are now using mesh bumpers that are more like liners and "breathable" and that is the bumper I saw on the blog mentioned above. Personally I don´t want to use any kind of bumpers, but the Hubby doesn't feel safe without one and in that case I will opt for the breathable mesh bumpers. That is my personal choice and if you still feel hesitant ask your pediatrician and follow your Mommy instinct!

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