Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beauty ♥ Current Favorites

Ever since the weather has been warmer I have been shifting to brighter colors, citrusy/ floral scents, and anything that relates to the hotter temperatures. The most obvious change in any woman’s regimen when the weather changes is nail polish colors and scent, at least for me that is true. So, it’s no surprise my beauty favorites have changed to compliment my mood:

1. Nailpolish: The Pink OPI nailpolish is called “Dulce deLeche” it´s kind of a pinkish nude color, I was actually looking for a brighter or pastel pink but since I didn’t find one I thought this color was nice. 
2. The Nuvys orange was an impulse buy while running an errand at the supermarket; I had been craving a color like this so I just tossed it in the basket. The problem with this nail polish brand is that it’s transparent so it requires patience or a “professional” for it to look well :P So I don´t really recommend this brand, but I do admit they have nice colors.
3. Essie in Saint Tropez, is a nude beige, I love it, definitely a favorite!
4. Labello Pink Guava Fruity Shine, must I explain this? Also an impulse buy at the supermarket, what girl doesn´t want more lip stuff?
5. Vonne Flor de Jamaica Mágico Balm: I have been using this to moisturize any body part that feels dry, I keep it in my purse to use anytime I need it.
6. Especially Escada is my daily perfume, you can see I have been using it a lot (since January) and I’m already half way through :´( I´m also alternating with this Body Splash from Bath and Body Works in Sea Island Cotton (I will never get over my obsession for body splash).
7. Since I haven´t been in the sun for a loooong time I have been lathering Holiday Skin from Evian to get a little color while I hit the beach.
8. Yes to Cucumbers Night Cream is soothing organic cream, that contains grape seed oil, an anti oxidant rich emollient that repairs and moisturizes your skin while you sleep, it has a pleasant smell and absorbs quickly. 

What are your current favorites?

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