Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Four ♥

It´s finally Friday! And boy, am I glad it is. This week was weird for me, the Hubby was out on a business trip for two days, and although sometimes I enjoy having "me time" I can´t sleep alone anymore. When he is gone I sleep with the tv on, or leave the bathroom light on, I don´t know why that kind of makes me feel "safer" LOL.

Now, off to today´s post. The glass ornaments pictured above, I bought at Wow Furniture, it´s one of the only stores in Tegus that offers modern-contemporary stuff, and I think I got them for a great price ($21 for both)! I´m so excited about them! 
On Sunday we went to Las Tejitas for lunch and I devoured this plate of Pupusas de Quesillo, my mouth is watering just writing about them. Later on this week I got a craving for Falafel sandwiches, so I made them for dinner, and added lots and lots of tahini sauce Yum!

Have a great weekend!

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