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Beauty ♥ Get Your Body Beach Ready

Get Your Body Beach Ready

Get Your Body Beach Ready by estiloandcafe featuring aqua home decor

Since our minds are still focused on the beach (Semana Santa!!!), I thought it would be a great idea to share the steps to achieve perfect holiday skin. Depending on when you leave for your vacation its best to do this a couple of days before, especially if you are waxing and your skin is sensitive. Since I love to do this myself, I usually separate the process in two days; I do the exfoliation and waxing one day, and the mani-pedi the next day. This gives my skin enough time to heal before my trip. If you prefer to do this at the beauty parlor you can probably spend an afternoon there and you´ll be done, just make sure you do the exfoliation before you go.

1.    Exfoliate: You can buy a body scrub at your favorite beauty supply store or use this recipe and do it at home. This is the step that preps your skin for the rest of the process. The Buildup of dead skin cells can cause excess oil and clogged pores, and leave your skin looking dull ,dry and rough. When you exfoliate you help the skin uncover fresh new cells, which makes helps whatever product you are going to apply penetrate deeper and be more effective. For waxing its great because  it removes any dead skin cells that may clog the hair follicle and cause ingrown hairs. Just try to do it gently so you don´t irritate your skin by rubbing too hard.
2.    Wax: If you haven´t had your bikini line done with laser yet, one of the best hair removal techniques is waxing, I usually use an epilator which is also great. I recommend both of these. If you have sensitive skin your best bet is the epilator because the hair is being pulled without touching the skin, versus waxing where both the skin and the hair is being pulled. If you decide to wax at home I highly recommend the Veet Wax Strips, they are sold at Fedco and are super-efficient.
3.    Mani-Pedi: After you’re done grooming your hair follicles in all areas, the next thing is to get your mani and pedi. If you are going to the beach/ pool I suggest you use a fun color instead of going with the french manicure. I love reds, oranges and pinks.
4.    Moisturize: and this also means drinking lots and lots of water, moisturizing your skin with lotions or creams can be the difference between dull skin and smooth supple skin. They can protect sensitive skin and improve the overall appearance of your skin making it look more toned.

 Some more tips I found at The Telegraph:

One week before
·         Exfoliation is key, do this 3-5 times before your flight to get your circulation pumping
·         If you didn’t have time for laser hair removal then wax away follicles and hair roots for a hair-free solution for your break
·         Pick the perfect sun tan lotion and after sun for your skin type
One day before
·         Exfoliate in the bath or shower
·         If you haven’t had time then you'll have to shave on a daily basis with a standard razor
·         Use a medium light tan version for an all over glow

·         remember to take care of your hair and pack a bag of minis i.e. mini shower gels, exfoliant and wax strips

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