Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Four ♥

1. Aldo Marcucci For Da´lila Event 2.New Maternity T-Shirts
 3.Ice Cream at Grandma´s 4. My Aldo Marcucci Necklace

I feel like this week has gone by so fast! Although it was a busy week, it was easier to get by than last week. I had a Doctor’s appointment on Monday to check up on my pregnancy, everything looks great, I saw Baby Bendini talking to me on the ultrasound, he was moving his mouth….. sooooo cute! Speaking of which it has been impossible to resist ice cream at Grandma´s lately, don´t know why he he. I usually don´t love it, and I have been getting my calcium needs met. Who knows?  The wonders of pregnancy. I´ve also been loving my new maternity t shirts. My Mother-in-law gave them to me and I can´t get enough, they are so comfy and fit so well, I promise Old Navy is the best for maternity clothes!
 On Thursday I was invited to attend the launch of Aldo Marcucci For Da´lila Accessories event at City Mall. Da´lila events are always so fun and Aldo Marcucci´s collection was so fabulous; It´s very spring-summer! The accessories have floral elements that are impossible to resist, one of his necklaces had my name written all over it, needless to say, it has a new home in my jewelry drawer. I could not wait to wear it so I wore it to work today, it´s definitely a statement piece!

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