Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Prego Diaries ♥ Week 23-The Bump Is Finally Showing


Until last week, I had been able to go back and forth between maternity jeans and my normal jeans. The bump is now big enough to wear maternity jeans exclusively, I actually look pregnant now and can take full advantage of my “pregnant rights” as seen on my instagram (follow @estiloandcafe). I have been feeling very well except for one weekend that I got sick with something I ate, I felt nauseous and yes ,there was some throwing up involved. This was my first time being sick and nauseaus throughout the whole pregnancy, and honestly I don´t know how other women do it, dealing with nausea is definitely not my thing. I was super lucky that I never suffered from it because of pregnancy!
Anyway, gender: At our last appointment, the doctor spent about 40 minutes trying to see the gender, Baby Bendini finally decided to cooperate and stretched its leg…definitely a Boy!
Total weight gain: 11 lbs.
Wedding ring is still on.
No crazy cravings.
The Hubby and I haven´t really bought anything for the Baby, most of the things have been gifted to us by our family, we are very lucky.
P.S. Aren´t baby clothes the cutest thing ever? Every time I see his little clothes I can´t wait to hold him, I´m in love!
I know I owe you maternity looks, it´s been hard to get someone to take pics, but I will definitely try to post for you soon.

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