Friday, June 13, 2014

Do you R.S.V.P.? ♥

Why do people in Honduras never RSVP? Do people understand what it means or know that it is common courtesy to respond yes or no to an invitation? When I was planning my wedding, some 3 years ago, I had an RSVP number in the invite. Not one of the 200 guests even bothered to RSVP. Our families where excused because they verbally responded to their presence, but the rest of the people: zero! Given the circumstances and being only 2 weeks away from the wedding and with the pressure to pay the Hotel, we called everyone on the list on behalf of “The Bendini Wedding” and asked the guests if they were to show up. Turns out of the 200 people, 60 would be a no show! That is more than the 20% rule of no shows at parties. Which means we saved ourselves from paying 60 extra plates of  food at the hotel, 6 floral arrangements, alcohol and beverage for 60 people, you get the idea.

When you are invited to a party it is your duty to call the host/hostess and RSVP. They thought of you when they went through the planning process, they want you present at their gathering and the least you can do is let them know if you are coming. Need another reason? You also represent a dollar sign. Yes. Sorry to be that rough, but it’s the truth. They are counting you as a guest and  planning on food, drinks, party favors, entertainment etc. for you, so owe them that much.

Next time your receive an invitation remember that R.S.V.P. stands for the French phrase, “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means, “please reply”—not just reply if you feel like it.

P.S.Not that I´m perfect, but I try my best to RSVP too, even more when I know I won´t make it.

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