Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Housewife Style ♥ Entertaining 101


Snippets from our Housewarming party
Hosting, whether at a venue or at home, is one of my favorite things to do. Nothing is more satisfactory to me than making my guests feel welcome and amused. After moving to our new place the Hubby and I invited our families to housewarming parties. Sunday, it was my family’s turn, the Hubby likes to joke and says that inviting my family over is like having a wedding, obviously because I have a huge family!  Anyway here are some things I have learned a long the way about hosting parties:
  1. Pick a theme and create a feeling: Do yourself a favor and pick a theme, this will help you decide later on different things such as food, décor, even entertainment. At the same time don´t obsess over a theme and remember that your guests are there for an experience, think of what you want them to feel or remember about the evening.
  2. Flowers are the best décor: nothing is better than fresh flowers, and they can go anywhere; dining room, living room, even in the bathroom. They add beauty and warmth to any space and make the chicest decoration for any party.
  3. Check the bathroom: most people have parties and forget to check the bathroom. Is there enough toilet paper? Is there hand soap? Does the toilet flush? Is the bathroom clean and organized?
  4. Stock your bar: make sure you have enough drinks for everyone and that includes non-alcoholic drinks too.
  5. Have enough food: serve indulgent meals, even if it’s only hors d'oeuvres. Make sure to have a good variety, you want your guests to feel amused and satisfied. You could even serve pizza (as long as it’s not fast-food), but have 3-5 different varieties to choose from, that will definitely make your guests feel amused.
  6. Evolve with the party: know when to bring out the food, to bring in the entertainment, try to be intuitive about when it’s time for a mood change.
  7. Don´t forget about the music!
Entertaining is about making people feel welcome and special, and letting them know that you feel honored that they have come to spend time with you.
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