Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Prego Diaries ♥ Week 29-Blood Tests and Back Pain Issues

The Bump dressed for the World Cup
For the most part I have been feeling well, the bump is starting to get in the way he he, but it has also been making me feel tired. Baby Bendini only lets me sleep on my left side. If I try to lie on my right, my ribs start to hurt if that makes any sense, and if I rest on my back he starts moving like it’s a competition. Sometimes I get back pain that will only go away until I rest in a bed.
Yesterday I had to take some blood tests to check up on my health, one of them was to see if I have gestational diabetes (O´Sullivan Test). You have to fast until they draw your blood the first time, then drink glutol, a controlled amount of glucose given to you in a beverage form. Tastes like very sugary Kool-Aid (“kulei” for us Hondurans ha ha). Then wait another hour and get your blood drawn again. The other test was a complete blood count, turns out I´m slightly anemic, I’m trying not to worry until I go to my Doctor’s appointment tomorrow to see what he says, everything else is normal, thank God!
In other news, Baby Bendini´s nursery is starting to take shape! We have finally assembled the crib, with help from the family. We still have to decide on colors though, maybe blue, green and beige? We also have the moses ready, that is in our room next to his Mommy :D
Total weight gain: 13 lbs.
Wedding ring is still on.
No crazy cravings.

Question: Does anybody know where I can buy PRETTY nursing bras in Tegus? If not I´ll have to order online!

The moses basket.

My keds have been in constant rotation, super comfy!

Enjoying eating out while I still can.

At a family reunion everyone was drinking champagne, and I didn´t want to feel left out,
so I had Gineger Ale in a Champagne Flute, looks like the real stuff, he he 

My friend yesterday morning -_-

Yesterday´s dinner, I´m trying to sneak in even more iron in to my diet.
Whole wheat pasta, spinach and red bell pepper salad.


  1. Linda Laine PratsJune 25, 2014 at 2:38 PM

    Carrion has some serviceable nursing bras. Cute ones is an impossible quest. Try to get a nursing tank with spanx (like Yummy Tummy) for daytime, and without for sleeping in. Gillian O'Malley (Target brand) has good ones, bras also. Motherhood maternity has good bras, and so does Medela which is available on the Gap website. Try not to go overboard buying right now since your bra size might vary a bit at the end.
    Good luck!

  2. I looked through the brands you mentioned, I specially liked the Gillian O'Malley! Thank you for the advice! And will definitely have to buy some here in Honduras, so I will definitely be visiting Carrion too!