Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sales at Inditex ♥ My picks

 Hi Ladies! Hope you are doing great! So it´s that time of the year when the Inditex sales are in full swing! I went on the first day of the sales to see what I could still take advantage of even with my baby bump! I like to buy stuff that will fit me now and after delivering the baby. So there is no reason not to hit the sales just because you are pregnant. I recommend that if you decide to go, buy all your basics and things you can´t live without first. Remember they will be on sale for almost a month, so you can go again when you get your next paycheck and score even more stuff. Here are some of my picks, and on the next post I will share with you the stuff I actually bought. I only included Zara and Stradivarius because its where I bought the majority of my clothes, but the other stores also have nice stuff so make sure you also pay them a visit!

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