Friday, September 19, 2014

Fashion ♥ Fall 2014 Must Haves

Fall 2014 Must Haves

Fall 2014 Must Haves by estiloandcafe featuring rhinestone jewelry

Last time we talked about fall, we discussed my favorite trends. Today I want to share with you my must haves. You already know you need the boots and sweaters, but these are some key pieces I think you should have in your wardrobe, some are more obvious than others, and some you might already own. Let´s start:

1. A blanket cardigan. These look so comfy and will warm you up in the colder months to come, if you don´t like it you can always get a classic chunky cardigan that will be used for years to come.
2. A scarf or a snood. Because you always need one more, (wink).
3. Plaid. It was huge last year, and still is. I can’t believe I couldn´t get my hands on a plaid shirt, maybe this year I´ll find one that suits my taste. If you already have the basic plaid shirt go for a plaid skirt or pants and pair it with a chambray shirt, looks perfect!
4. Fringe bag. I have never liked fringe anything, it reminds me of the wild west -_- also too boho for my style, but, this year there are some fringe bags that I’m open to try like this one from zara. I like it because it´s not the usual brown color and the blue will add a pop of color to any outfit.
5. Liquid leather leggings. These are a nice update from the usual black leggings, they are great for nights out because they will elevate your look instantly!
6. Chambray shirt. A basic for every season of the year, and for fall it can be paired with plaid, underneath ponchos and cardigans.
7.Fair Isle. This is a huge trend this year, we discussed this on the fall trends post, and if I find a piece I really like I´m willing to try it!
8. A statement necklace. You will need one in jewel tones to match the fall mood. Loving this one from Zara.
9. Leopard. Leopard anything! Always a classic for fall! These sneakers tackle down two trends animal print and the sneaker trend. Perfect!

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