Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mommy Diaries ♥ A Birth Story

If you have noticed that I have been M.I.A. it´s because I have been super busy with baby Bendini. And since I have about an hour before he wakes up, I thought it was only fair that I share my birth story with you, after all, you have been on my pregnancy journey with me. So here it goes:

On Saturday September 6, the Hubby and I went to run some errands, had lunch with his mom and then came back home to relax. As I was laying down to watch a movie I felt a weird sensation, and stood up only to realize my water had broken. I was in panic mode, but my Hubby calmed me down and called the Doctor. He told us to wait an hour to see if the labor pains would start, but they never did. So we called him again and agreed to meet in his office at the hospital 30 min later. Still no pain. The Doctor decided to induce me, so I was sent to the maternity facility at the hospital and they put on Pitocin at around 8pm. Just 20 min later, I started feeling the pain, I did my breathing and was able to tolerate the pain 2 more hours without crying; the pain really started to hurt after I dilated to 3. I was begging foy my epidural! But had to wait until I dilated to 6, and that didn´t happen until around midnight. Finally the doctor came to check on me told me I could have my epidural BUT, he was concerned that the baby wasn´t descending as he was supposed to, so we decided on a c-section. I actually felt relief! The pain I was feeling doesn´t have a name, they say you forget, but I will never forget! I felt so frustrated, and helpless. To this day I would rather deal with the pain of the surgery than to feel labor pain again. I admire the women who have had natural births, how do they do it? Anyway, the reason the baby wasn´t descending is because his umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck.

I am now home, with my beautiful baby, learning how to be a mom, and getting use to this new routine. The post op pain is almost gone, and I I’m wearing a post-partum girdle day and night. And the purpose isn´t just to to gain my body back, but it also helps with the post op pain, because it helps you stand up right. I started using it on the second day after the surgery and I promise it makes a huge difference!

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