Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shopping ♥ Zara Cravings

Since Baby Bendini was born, I haven´t been to the mall or any public place for that matter, so I have to resort to cyber-window shopping. Here is a small wish list of my favorite Zara stuff. Can you tell i´m dying to wear sweaters? 

I love a structured neutral handbag for the cooler months, and now that I am a mommy I love the cross body bags, I must get a new one. They leave my hands free to carry the baby, diaper bag and what not! Sweaters and long sleeves are a must for me! They are my go to pieces and I match them with different bottoms to create different looks; I´m really loving the leopard long sleeve it’s more like a t shirt kind of fabric but so perfect for "Honduran cold weather" plus, I feel like it´s a statement piece.

What´s in your fall wish list?

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