Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mommy Diaries ❤️ 2 Months

It's been 2 whole months! Baby Bendini has grown so much it's unbelievable. He is weighting 12.5 pounds which is above average but still in the normal range. Although for me he is too heavy, he he

I was invited to be part of a very fun project (more on that later), and had to leave him with family for the afternoon, and I sorta felt guilty for leaving him for so long, when I came back to get him and he heard my voice and he was all smiles. So cute!

On another note, he has been sleeping very well. Baby Bendini now sleeps for 6 hours straight, almost through the night, hopefully he will get to the 8 hour stretch soon. I really miss my sleep! Although I can´t complain, he will go back to sleep after that 4 a.m. feeding and during the weekends when the Hubby and I want to sleep in, he will do the same; just waking up to feed and goes back to sleep with me! Such and angel!

Any tips on eliminating that 4 a.m. feed?

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