Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mommy Diaries ❤️ New Mom Favorites

This post is for the mommies to be! These are some of my favorite things I have for baby Bendini, some of them where gifts from other mommy friends and the others I discovered with a little research.

1. The Soothie: This is a pacifier used in hospitals in the US. They use it because it's made of one piece and can be sterilized. Interesting fact: Pacifiers are reccomended to reduce SIDS, also called the mute button, lol.

2.Tie n´Toss Diaper Bag Dispenser:  Can be found at La Colonia, it´s very useful for outings, enough said.

3.Munchkin soother clip: That pacifier will fall without one of these! You clip it on to your baby´s clothing and it will stay on and clean!

4. Infant to toddler rocker: this was a life saver! this thing vibrates, it keeps him busy and entertained, and sometimes he will fall asleep on it. We also use it to put him down while we are eating or getting ready. Best of all, he will be able to use it for a long time, as it turns into a toddler chair!

5.Zara socks: These are some of the best socks he owns! They come in different colors and what I really like about them is they stay on, also they don´t have loose strings that can be dangerous for your baby´s toes.

6. Skip Hop Diaper Bag: This one is very similar to mine, I not saying you go out and buy this brand but do buy a diaper bag that is stylish, avoid the pastel  colored diaper bags!!!!

Another helpful tip: Huggies Wipes are better, I like them because they a little thicker and can be easily torn into twos. And Pamper diapers are best, they hold up baby´s mess better than any other brand, buy the ones sold at Pricesmart those are the best, and for newborns the huggies "primeros 100 dias" are the best fit then change to the Pampers.

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