Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Life Lately ❤️

Last week I was invited to be part of Dias de Moda at City Mall Tegucigalpa I worked with two fabulous stores: Divas Boutique and Gimoni. I loved both! Gimoni I had already heard of and knew about their products. They have an amazing collection of handbags and leather goods, I especially liked the clutches, they are definitely statement pieces! These bags are made in Honduras with imported leather and most have an acid and color treatment (those are my favorite) they also have a collection of handbags painted by a Honduran artist with the Virgin Mary as the motif, if you are obsessed with handbags then I recommend you pay them a visit, I´m sure you will love more than one thing.

Divas Boutique is new to me. But I was amazed because they really had some nice clothes. That jumpsuit I wore the day I worked with them was heaven! So delicate and fashionable. They had another white jumpsuit that I also loved that could be perfect for any Christmas soiree, just add a jacket and some statement jewelry and you’re done. Divas Boutique brings American brand names and has variety of stuff, oh and lets not forget about their Colombian jeans line, they are supposed to perk your behind. I can tell you that yes, they enhance it, the girls in the store let me try one so I can personally tell you that it makes a little difference.

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