Thursday, January 15, 2015

Life Lately ♥ Just Checking In

Just a typical December day, can you tell I was obsessed with my plaid scarf?

Hi girls, how is 2015 treating you? I’m incredibly happy! Although everything is not perfect I try to look at the positive side of things and think of how lucky I am. So here is a little update since last time we saw each other:

Thanks to my mother in law, we got to spend New Year’s at the beach, we were there for almost a week! It was really nice to have the Hubby relaxed and away  from work. Also to share some family time and just rest. Even Baby Bendini had a blast! He absolutely loved the beach and the pool. Needles to say my afternoons consisted of Piña Coladas and sun soaking.

In Mommy news, I’m so happy to see my baby grow! He is now 4 months old! And next month he gets to try solids! Hopefully he will start feeding less often? Also: Baby Bendini can roll over; and he wants to sit up! Oh and he is definitely trying to hold his bottle.

How many of you have shopped the sales? I haven’t been able too…yet. I´ll try to go this weekend, although I can´t go too crazy. You see, im trying to save up for an upcoming trip this year, hopefully to Miami. And you know how good the shopping is. So all with moderation for the time being.

See you soon and stop by again next week. I’ll be sharing what I bought at the sales :D

My Breakfast on Christmas Morning

Baby´s first time at the pool :D

Back home during tummy time.

No, I don´t have a new years resolution to eat healthier :P

Coffee dates, now include baby bottles.

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