Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Trend ♥ Kitsch

You know how they say to have fun with fashion? Well this season you literally can, the Kitsch trend is in full swing. It all started with Any Hindmarch´s cereal box bags and  Moschino´s love for fast food and Barbie stuff. Remember the fries iphone cover that everyone had to have? This trend has now made its way into clothes and shoes too.

To avoid looking like a lunatic, pair the pieces with more subdued items, and don´t wear head to toe kitsch, one ítem is more than enough. Where to find it in Honduras?  The Heels has lots of stuff; they have jeans with fun monograms and cute cell phone covers. Da´lila also has some fun jeans with lips and eyes on them. 

Do you like this trend?

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