Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Beauty ♥ The Mom Haircut

I have always had long hair, I love it and think it´s sexy. I have noticed that new mommies cut their hair short right after having a baby. And I said to myself: I will never be one of those women. Why should I cut my hair just because I had a baby? That’s just nonsense I thought!

Right after having Baby Bendini I became aware that he had my hair in his fingers all the time, because yes you shed a lot of hair, hundreds and hundreds, I´m still surprised I´m not bald. So back to the hair on his fingers…that’s a hazard (everything is a hazard with babies, yes). It´s called hair tourniquet and can cause serious damage to their little fingers. So with long hair shedding all over the place I started wearing a pony tail, all the time. I hated it, and since new moms have no time, I didn't cut my hair for 6 months. That’s when I grew desperate for a change.

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to cut my hair about 8 inches; it was that long. It now sits just below my shoulders, it’s still long that I can wear it down and not have baby Bendini pull it. Because that’s what they start to do at about 4 months of age.

So yeah, I became one of those women with a Mom haircut. I needed that change, I needed the convenience and the practicality of shorter hair. And since I still crave a little more change I’m thinking about doing the Keratin, so I have sleek hair, which means less styling :P

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