Thursday, March 19, 2015

Travel Outfit Series ❤️ Going Abroad

Travel Outfit Series

Travel Outfit Series by estiloandcafe featuring River Island

Traveling to another city? Going to Europe? These outfits can be used for any kind of travel that we didn´t cover last time, oh and except when you have to take a red eye and that’s another story. When you are traveling the point is to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Airplanes can get very cold, so traveling in layers is a must.

1.I don´t like travel in jeans unless they are black, but that’s just me, and I know most of you find them comfortable so this first outfit is for you. If you must wear jeans, dress them up a bit, wear a blouse, and add a blazer for chicness. Don´t forget your ballerina flats, you can´t get more classy than that.

2.Leggings. My favorite travel piece! They are super comfortable and cover your legs from the A.C. Pair them with a nice flowy blouse and add a safari jacket or a light trench to keep you warm. Always remember to carry a structured handbag, everything will be easier to find if you follow this tip. Unless you are headed for a hot weather destination, avoid wearing sandals. Moccasins will keep your feet warm and you will look a little more dressed up.

3.I have to confess, this outfit was copied from inspired by my blogger friend Mari. She wore this to go to Madrid people! Fresh white trousers, stripped tee and a vest. I would probably stash a pashmina or scarf in my bag to wrap around my shoulders on the plane, because you know, It´s always cold on the plane! If you are afraid of white than just change the color of the trousers for khaki, keep the striped tee, it´s a classic.

Remember to only wear minimal jewelry. You don´t wan´t to be the one holding up the line at airport security because you have too much arm candy on you. I usually just wear my personal jewelry; a gold necklace, my hoop earrings, watch and wedding band. Oh and don´t forget your pen!

Travel Outfit Series

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