Friday, March 13, 2015

Travel Outfit Series ❤️ Hot Weather Destination

travel outfit series

travel outfit series by estiloandcafe featuring roman numeral watches

With Semana Santa/Easter Break just a few weeks away, most of you are traveling to the beach, and whether you are traveling by car or plane, always go for comfy and stylish. Keep in mind that these outfits are for very hot weather destinations like the Caribbean, not appropriate for landing say in Miami. The first outfit is the one I would probably wear.

A maxi dress will cover your legs from the cold AC during the plane ride, add the jean jacket so you do the same for your upper body, plus it adds a little style. Don´t forget your tote that you can parade around with at the pool bar. Now, this outfit is appropriate for say, a short airplane ride from Tegucigalpa to Roatan or maybe Miami to the Bahamas.

If the airplane ride will take longer and you have layovers, the second outfit will keep you comfortable but you will still look pulled together, specially next to the girl in the juicy velour track suit. Lol! You can change the shoes for Sperries, Chucks, Keds, whatever you like. The pashmina can be wrapped around your shoulders in the plane to keep you warm. You could replace this with a beach wrap if you have no space for extra stuff.

Note:Both outfits will work if you are traveling by car or bus.

Travel Outfit Series

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