Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When Travel Used To Be Glamorous

I was just a kid the first time I traveled by airplane, I was heading to Venezuela with my Grandparents. I remember my Grandmother took me shopping for a special dress to wear on the plane that would match hers. It was a sailor inspired navy and white dress. The day of the trip, I saw her get dressed and all glammed up, she even wore heels! Keep in mind this was a 9 hour trip or so, with a layover in Panama and Colombia, in heels people! I will never forget how beautiful and glamorous she looked and she didn´t complain about her shoes once!

After that, we have traveled together many more times, and to this day she gets dolled up and still wears heels. What have I learned from this? Air travel used to be glamorous. There use to be a time when flying was a chance to dress up, people wore suits and women wore dresses and heels, airplanes even had powder rooms for women to retouch their make up. These days you see women wearing either track suits or jean shorts and chancletas (flip flops), the horror! I know that flying these days is not the same as it once was, some airlines don´t even offer coffee, the seats are more like sardine cans and yes, a little less glamorous.

But that doesn´t mean that you should wear the jeans shorts and flip flops, travel comfortably, but in style. Inject a little luxe to your life.

With that said, I will be giving ideas on some outfits you can wear for different  travel scenarios. Stay tuned !

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  1. We had loosed a little bit of glam in everyday escenario. Going to the cinema was like going to the parties, they will all get dressed up with suits, dresses & heels. Now a days if you dress like this to attend this places, probably you will be misjudged. Society changes but, it's most of looking classy but not that glamy in your own unique style of the XXI century.

    Mafer, Euphoric Wanderlust x

  2. Mafer,

    Very true, it´s about adapting to each scenario life throws at us and being chic while we are at it.