Saturday, May 2, 2015

Look Of The Day ♥ Floral Dress & Blogger Lunch

If it seems like the last time I shot a look of the day was a loooong time ago! It´s cause it is.
So I decided to do a quick post on what I wore on Saturday. That day I went to meet all my blogger friends for a super fun lunch, we are planning something big people. I wore this dress that you have seen before….when I was pregnant! It´s all about where you put the belt, wink.

Now I should have taken these pics before I went to the event, in daylight, outside; but the Hubby was not home so I took these pictures when I came back. Not the best, but I really wanted to show you how you can re wear a dress after pregnancy. Hope you like it. You can see the first look here.

Belt: Zara
Shoes: Da´lila
Bag: Coach

Earrings: Marsol Sagastume

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